Events and Collections

Fundraising Events

MS-Solihull has always tried to find innovative ways to help raise funds. Our fundraising activities are many and varied, thanks to our wonderful fundraiser, who works tirelessly to find new ways of raising funds. Many events are supported by the Mayor. Some examples of the types of events are:

  • Horse Race Nights : Entrance is by ticket. A Horse Race Night specialist runs video 'Horse Races' from a random selection. Anyone can back a horse by buying a ticket for a horse in a particular race. Some of the takings by the 'bookmaker' are retained as funds raised. We always provide a supper.
  • Theme Nights : A theme is selected, such as 'A Caribbean Night'. Tickets are sold and participants are encouraged to enter into the spirit of things by dressing accordingly. Various games and activities are organised. We always provide a supper.
  • Fashion Shows : Fashion Shows are organised, mainly for our lady participants. Local retailers provide us with the venue and models. Entrance is by ticket. Lunch or snacks are provided.
  • Concerts : Some of the local choirs and bands put on concerts in conjunction with MS-Solihull. We usually have a door exit collection.
  • Collections

    We generally manage to negotiate several collections per year in support of the branch funds. The most popular collection venues are supermarkets, but others, such as Solihull town centre, are also used. Supermarket collections are organised in agreement with participating supermarkets.